Money origami
Turn your dollar bills into clothing, hearts, flowers, and more!


Money Origami: 21 designs using just dollar bills

If you've got a dollar in your pocket, you can stop boredom in its tracks. No, we're not talking about penny slots. We're talking about Money Origami! ...

Money Origami Shirt

How to Fold the Dollar Bill / Money Origami Shirt. You can also use half a sheet of origami paper.

Origami Dollar Heart & Star Tutorial - How to make a Dollar heart with star

In this video I will show you how to fold a Heart with a star using one US dollar bill. This will be an easy to follow step by step how to showing you exactly how to fold a Dollar Origami Heart with Star.

Dollar Bill Origami Fish Tutorial - How to make an Easy Angelfish from Money - $1 Dollar Moneygami

Quickest Money Fish Instructions on Youtube. Please view my t-shirt and shirt with tie dollar bill origami. I also have a turtle origami that is very popular.

Money gift idea: Wedding dress, dollar bill origami tutorial

How-to make an origami wedding dress with a dollar bill. Creative way to tip, give a money present for weddings, birthdays, christmas and bat mitzvahs! Easy wedding dress crafting tutorial.

Money Origami | Dollar Bill Origami Dog - Made from a one Dollar Bill Note

In this great dollar bill origami tutorial from Orikane, you learn how to make a fantastic dollar bill origami dog inspired by Tien Nguyen.

Origami - How to Make an EPIC Fighter Jet out of Money

In this video I will show you how to make an epic origami fighter jet out of a one dollar bill!!!

Dollar Origami Guitar Tutorial - How to make a Dollar Origami Guitar

In this video I will show you step by step how to fold this Dollar Origami Guitar. All you need is a single dollar bill.

How To Make a Dollar Bill T-Shirt Origami - Fun Tutorial - Shirt with Collar

Learn how to impress your friends with a cool dollar bill collared t-shirt. Easy Origami idea is great for tips, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. You might want to use larger denominations, though.

Fold Money Sailboat Origami - $1 One Dollar Bill Tutorial Full Instructions for Moneygami Boat

Fold an easy boat for US Currency. Only 1 dollar used. Great for kids or beginners. Looks Great framed. Perfect for tips and gratuity, party favors, and more

Dollar Origami Ninja Star Tutorial - How to make a Dollar Ninja Star

In this video I will show you how to fold a Ninja Star out of two dollar bills with out taring or cutting the dollars.

DIY How to Fold $1 Money Origami PEACOCK - Dollar (Easy)

This tutorial show you how to fold a $1 Money Origami PEACOCK, which is a form of Dollar Origami. It's something else to do with money, other than spend it! :D This peacock stands on its own, and is perfect for leaving tips at restaurants and ...

dollar bill origami elephant

How to make an elephant with an eye.

One Dollar Easy Origami Pyramid

[Simple] How to fold an easy, collapsible pyramid from a $1 dollar bill.